The Gifted Child OC Difference


Even though children’s IQs are strongly influenced by genetics, studies (Wahlsten, 1995) (Hanson, 1975) show that early enrichment programs can also have a positive impact on children’s IQs. The Gifted Child OC Mommy and Me classes utilize proven educational tools such as puzzles, visual and tactile toys, and music and songs to help children to learn how to read in a fun classroom environment.

Founder An Yi Lin has been working with parents and kids for almost two decades. From writing and implementing Mommy and Me class curriculums to coordinating and executing a full-scale children’s ministry with over 200 kids, directing a children’s choir, and teaching private music and reading classes, Lin has extensive and broad experience working with parents and children.

An Yi Lin observed that children, especially young children, learn most quickly when they are having fun. Conversely, when children feel that they are being forced to learn, they easily lose their interest and enjoyment in learning. The Gifted Child OC teaching methodology is based on this philosophy. This is why our classes emphasize the importance of teaching children to read in a fun and positive environment.

Read books and solve puzzles
Explore and play games
Draw, scribble, color, and write
Jump in the pool, play in the sand
Encourage, nurture, instruct, and cultivate
Play and dream with your child

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