The Gifted Child OC specializes in teaching young children 2-5 years old to read in a fun and positive environment. They will learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, and will learn how to read two and three-letter words.


Why Teach Young Children to Read?

Research shows that kids who read early do better in school. Not Only do they have better language and writing skills, and a more extensive vocabulary, but they are also often seen as leaders in their classes and are given more recognition and acknowledgement from the start. Since they are ahead academically, they develop confidence which further helps them to become better citizens and students.

Children who read early also spend less time playing video games and watching television. They develop a healthy reading habit at a very young age and see reading as a source of entertainment and knowledge.

Music Enrichment

The Gifted Child OC is dedicated to bringing young students the best education by implementing music into their studies. Learning an instrument nurtures a child’s discipline, work ethic, and patience. These essential qualities can also be applied across the board to their academic learning and beyond.

Our Classes

Scene of piano lessons online training or E-class learning while Coronavirus spread out or covid-19 crisis situation, vlog or teacher make online piano lesson to teach students pupils learn from home.

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